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This project is a glimpse into my year-long capstone for my interior architecture program at the george washington university. It converts an industrial warehouse with typical concrete floors and red brick exterior walls into a place for creatives to practice and present their work. There is a dichotomy between the process that a creative takes and the resulting work of that process and the design attempts to represent this dichotomy.

In the vertical plane the forms greatly contrast those in the horizontal plane. The plan is organized extremely rigidly, with heavy axis’ and cross-axis’ with a grand staircase that greets all who enter the building. When a creative work is finished, looking back on the process of creating can seem like a clear path. The failures become clear and the path to success more defined. While in the process, however, nothing is so clear, and the forms that are present in the vertical planes of the design represent this stage.

The materials glorify the typical studio and honor the creations that are presented on the ground floor of the building. While the polished concrete floor and existing brick exterior walls are preserved, the introduction of travertine, 3-form Chroma, oak wood and honed black marble furniture modernize the stereotypical industrial space. They glorify the creatives and the work that this space has been designed for.