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I have taken on this family home on Cape Cod as an opportunity to work on something outside of my academics. It proposes a renovation to the existing double-gable form, where the attic space of the larger gable is put to use.

What is proposed for the second floor is currently a long, continuous gabled attic space. This intervention slices that into two portions, partly at an oblique, allowing for a new outdoor terrace to exist at the roof level, allowing for views of a nearby lake. It also allows for the creation of a private master suite on one side, and a bunk room, gym, and office space at the other end.

Work on the first floor opens up the originally closed off and maze-like existing first floor plan. It places a large, open kitchen and dining area such that those within also may view the lake. Living quarters are tightly packed to the core, with living and the floating stair to above at the other end of the house.